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How can there be no accidents in life for decades.


In the age of rumao drinking blood, due to the lack of knowledge and tools, the wild is full of risks. If you are bitten by a snake, you can only kowtow three bangs in the direction of your ancestral grave on the spot. It is completely resigned to fate, and it depends on the will of God to die. Humans at that time were just slaves of nature.


But now it's different. With the rise of the Internet, after being bitten by a snake, many people will immediately choose to ask for help online and gather the wisdom and blessings of netizens to help themselves. All the information is at their fingertips. It seems that everything is cured.


Although there is no explicit stipulation, after being bitten by a snake, going online to find a ray of life seems to have become a way for some people to survive.


Clinics are too far away, hospitals are too expensive, and only the Internet is the most affordable salvation. After all, death is not terrible, the terrible thing is ignorance of death.


After posting the post, all the methods of self-help were put in the bag, and the replies said that they used urine to irritate the wound, and some said that they would make the last phone call at home, which made people feel very relieved.


If a friend is bitten, you can also ask for help online. During the waiting time, the relationship between the two parties has been strengthened, and a solid foundation has been laid for future borrowing.


When a friend asks why you don’t call 120, you just say that going to the hospital is not useful to go online. The doctor’s diagnosis is too mechanical and the prescriptions are too regular. The ideas from netizens are better choices in terms of creativity and playability.


Someone feels uncomfortable after being bitten. First, he takes out his mobile phone and cross-examines the treatment plan on the Internet. If the netizen says it's okay, ignore the abnormality of the wound and continue the unfinished work.


"A netizen said that if there is no poisoning, it means that there is no poisoning. It is not a relative or a reason. Why did he lie to me?" This is a message from a helper when he went online for the last time.


There is a phenomenon that people who ask for help on the Internet rarely appear on the Internet again. Maybe this is the parting between strangers and strangers, without blame or thanks. On a sunny day, it went to another spring.


Some people asked questions at nine o'clock, and someone answered him at about ten o'clock.


The one-hour wait was too long. Some people said he finally saw the answer, and some said he didn't have time to see it. This topic is too heavy and not suitable for people to delve into the roots.


After all, we can't understand the expectation and disappointment when we are dead.


If you look at these problems too much, you feel that as long as you have the Internet, you have a chance to survive, no matter where you are.


Maybe it's a mountain road, you half arched, body is covered with cold moonlight, the snake shadow on the ridge has long disappeared, but the tooth mark on your arm is still clearly visible. Then you tremblingly took out your phone, sent a key distress signal on the post bar, and watched netizens gag replies, so you were full of the power to survive.


In just a few words, the Internet will give you a sense of comfort as much as lying in a hospital. As for whether or not to go to the hospital, the answer is clear.


It can be seen from the help stickers of each victim that it is very easy to be attacked by venomous snakes in the wild entertainment.


A period of fishing time that should have been spare time may become a scene of fighting with wild snakes.


"This is a five-pace snake. It can be fatal within ten minutes. Go to the hospital." Someone replied.


Seeing this boring answer, the netizen who posted the post was a little angry: "You shouldn't be the hospital's caregiver?"


"My blood is so clear and bright."


I will always see those boys with brilliant literary talents arguing with netizens online.


"You said snakes are poisonous," he preached confidently, "I never heard that snakes are poisonous. How can snakes be poisonous?"


Being bitten by a snake is a major event, but like all major events in the world, once it is advertised and everyone knows it, it is nothing.


So after being bitten, sending a circle of friends to let everyone see it has become the best practice. It is not a disadvantage to be able to see the two likes from parents before the poison is released.


But having said that, the joke is a joke, don't follow the above group of people to death.


After being bitten by a snake, please seek medical treatment immediately. Don't try to seek some inexplicable remedies online. After all, your life is yours, not the netizens.